EZ-Schools Srtreamline your daily School, College tasks

EZ-Schools Software Features

Manage your school, college daily tasks with EZ-Schools

Students Admission, search, clearance etc

  • You can Admit the students in your school, college and manage them in much easier way.
  • The profile feature shows all the realted details and summary of a student, that makes finding information much easy.
  • When a student leaves or passout your school, college not need to send hours for checking his status and due. The clearance procedure do in in a single click.
  • Generate students ID cards on various formates in a single click.
  • And ofcourse you can apply various searches to filter the results and find your required details.

Human Resource Manage teachers, staff, jobs, clearance etc

  • Managing your staff and teachers is much easier with EZ-Schools.
  • You can define various type of jobs, designations and assign these to your employees.
  • The profile feature shows all the realted details and summary of an employee, that makes finding information much easy.
  • Generate employee ID cards on various formates in a single click.
  • EZ-Schools provides one click clearance procedure when employee leaves.
  • And ofcourse you can apply various searches to filter the results and find your required details.

Fee Fee Concessions, fee collection, vouchers, reports etc

  • We appriciate the studnets by giving them concession like orphans, brilient students etc. You can give concession to a student for current class only or a lifetime.
  • Define fee concessions in much easier way and apply to studnets. The system allows you to keep track of concession history of students.
  • You can announce the tution fee for single student or in bulk by classes.
  • The software also lets you to annouce various other type of fee e.g. stationary, exam, tour, books etc.
  • The fee payment feature lets you to adjust or collect the fee and print the vouchers. It keeps your related accounts uptodate and lets you visulize the financial matters in much easier sense.
  • Of course you can search the fee payments, vouchers or pendings at any time in various manner.

Academics Batches, classes, courses, class incharge, manage student enrollement, reports etc

  • EZ-Schools has powerful features to manage you acdamics. You can have paralle batches (in morning, afternoon, evening etc)
  • You can add classes and have various sections, enroll, withdraw students, manager class courses easily.
  • Class detail feature groups every related information like courses, incharge, course teachers, students, exams in a single place.
  • You can promot students to other class on single click.

Exam Create results, result cards, marks sheets, reports etc

  • Examination system helps you to generate marks sheets of subjects by automatically calculating grades and class positions of students.
  • You can take exam anytime of course of selective class and more specific subject too.
  • The related teacher can enter the marks and submit the results to the Chairman.
  • After the chairman approval the result is declared.
  • You can search result cards, marks sheet in varios search criteria and helps to quickly report student performance.

Payroll Salary Setting, salary history, salary sheets, pay salary, reports etc

  • EZ-Schools has apowerful payroll management system. You can do salary settings of individual employees. Give them allownances, or deduct the salary anytime.
  • The employees can be on monthly or daily basis. The system makes the salary generation so easy of both categories.
  • The software maintain the salary history of employees, you can use it to make various decisions
  • Upon payment system update the related account and generates salary sheets that can be visulized later.
  • Of course you can search the salary payments, or un paid salaries on various criterias.

Accounting Manage Expenses, Ledgers, Journal, Trial Balance, reports etc

  • You do not need to have specialized accountant, EZ-Schools manages your financial matter in effective way.
  • The software maintain various accounts like salary, expances, various type of fee etc, update thier related balances and maintian your ledgers automatically.
  • You can generate ledger, transactions, trial balance reports via various criterias easily.
  • System allows to manage various expenses like utility bills, rent etc in much easier way.
  • If you made a mistake, ofcourse you can revert the related transaction anytime.
  • The system keep the tracks of users who performed any action of accounts.

Messaging Create and manage Messages, bulk send, pending etc

  • EZ-Schools has a powerful messaging feature. You can send various type of messages in bulk like holiday, result anouncement etc.
  • You have the choice to send message to teacher, staff, students, students in class selectively or in bulk.
  • Fee reminder option lets you to send a fee reminder to students parent wiht pending fee amount.

Users User Accounts, manage access, reports etc

  • EZ-Schools allows to create various type of user accounts for staff to perform daily school/college tasks on predefined templates.
  • You can manager the user access to the system, close or manger the accounts anytime.

Software Details

You can manage your school, college daily activities with EZ-Schools.

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This software is provided as service to The Spirit School System, under the terms of yearly service renewal.
Service valid till: Oct 30, 2020

Software version v1.2 Released: Mar 23, 2019

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